90% OF THE WAY THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kanji Day 79:


“Unseen” is now at 10%!!!!!  Woohoo!!!!

For the last few days I have been progressing (despite things being crazy around here!) but I hadn’t reached any targets.  Well, this target is a big one that I could scarcely have imagined when I started this business 79 days ago, but here we are!

Well, that’s pretty much all the time I get for reveling in that sort of thing, and it’s already time to look ahead to the next goals:

Get “unseen” down to single digits (Yes, I can reasonably expect to reach that goal tomorrow, but, remember, I like Very Short Term Goals.  They motivate me.)

Get “unseen” below 200 (Yes, I know that this is actually the same goal as the one above, but I am looking at two different numbers, and, if I can reach two goals at the same time, why not look forward to that?)

Get “mature” above 1300 (That’s the one that will happen…well, sometime or other…soon, I hope)

How about this one:  Get “unseen” to 7%, which will put me a week away from Phase 3.  Wow!  A Very Short Term Goal that is actually looking at such a thing?  Who would’ve thunk it!



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