Kanji Day 71

Here’s the anki imagine for day 71:


So, if anyone were reading all these posts, they would know that my motivational method involves setting small goals – ones that you can reach in a short time – and then moving from goal to goal instead of focusing on some long distant end.

Today I hit two goals.  (Yes, I know it’s really the same goal expressed in two different ways, but I don’t care, I’m calling it two because that another push in the right direction.)

“Mature” is now 50% of the pie chart, and “mature” is now over 1100!  Woohoo!

パーティー time!

Next goals:

get “unseen” under 400.  (Yes, I know that it is at 407, so I’m not far away from that goal.  Hey, I have no problem setting a goal that I expect to reach tomorrow!)

get “unseen” to 15% (That one is a few days away.)

get “mature” above 50% – yes, seriously short term goals.  We like seriously short term goals because they keep us moving forward.

Motivation motivation motivation motivation motivation motivation motivation

Phase 3 of the Hacking Japanese Supercourse is not all that far away – Vocabulary! – but it is still actually too far away to focus on – still nearly 3 weeks away.

I admit, I download the vocabulary deck, so it is sitting there in my list of anki decks calling to me – “Keep swimming, you’ll get here…” but nearly 3 weeks is still a really long time.  I still have a lot of kanji work to do.



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