A Revelation – It Works!

I was looking at the first 20 words on the Japanesepod101.com core 100 vocabulary list.  There are 25 words on page one of the list, 4 are written using kana only, and 21 are written either using kanji or using a combination of kanji and kana.

I looked at the first word, which was “week” and I looked at the kanji, which is 週, and I found myself saying, “Yes, that means week.  I recognize that one.”  Then I thought, “Well, if I know that one, how many of these others do I know?”

Of the 21 words, I was able to recognize and state the meaning of 20 of them!  Okay, so I don’t yet know how to say all of them in Japanese yet, but I recognize them when I see them written!  The Heisig method using the Nihongshark.com kanji deck is really working for me.

You see, I’ve been studying the cards in a very dedicated manner for a while now (today is day 67) but today I applied them by looking at someone else’s word list, and the fact that I knew what almost all of the kanji on that list were was a nice motivational boost for me, and motivation is everything.  Motivation is what keeps you going.



Of the 21 words written using kanji, I can regcognize and know the meaning of 20 of them!  Wow!  The first word on the list was week, which is written


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