Kanji Day 62 and another Motivational Tip

Here’s the breakdown for Day 62:


“Unseen” is now the smallest piece of the pie!  WooHoo!  That’s a serious mark of progress is there ever was one!  My earlier goals of getting “mature” above 800 and “unseen” below 700 have both been reached as well.

New goals:  get “mature” above 900 and “unseen” below 600.  Also, get “unseen” down to 25%.  Onward we go.

But…here’s another motivational tip.

Remember, I am using the Hacking Japanese Supercourse from Nihongoshark.com.  There was a point in there somewhere when Niko talked about it being hard to consistently study (several points, actually) and he said that it was just as hard when he only had a few days to go as it was when had two months more to go.

I wondered about that when I first read it, but now I kind of get it.  I will have a month or so to go, and some days it does seem really hard, and the thing that makes it seem the hardest of all is when I focus on how long I have to go.  If I focus on having reached a point where “mature” cards number less than the other categories, I celebrate.  If I think, I am over two-thirds of the way there, I celebrate.

But…if I starting thinking, “Oh, there are 30 more days to go”…or “I still have over 600 cards that I haven’t seen”…ugh…that does not motivate me, so the issue becomes how you look at where you are.  Focusing on the end of this batch of kanji actually demotviates me, so I’m not looking at that.  I’m just looking at my next goals.  I can reach those soon, so that motivates me.

Each of the goals that I listed above, I should be able to reach this week.  In fact, that longest goal should only take me about 5 days, so I am looking at those goals, not at where I will be in a month, because that’s a month of work away.

Look your eyes on those small goals that you can reach quickly, because each goal you reach is motivation to move on to the next one.



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