Kanji Day 59 – A Party and…

party time

It is party time today.  You can’t see me, but, for all you know, I might be sitting at the keyboard wearing a party hat and blowing one of those annoying horns while streamers fall through the air around me.  And why is it party time?


Because I have reached a new anki landmark!  For the first time ever in my journey to learn the kanji, “mature” cards now make up a bigger percentage of the deck than “unseen” cards do!

Check it out:  Mature 36%, Unseen 33%

Another reason for party time:  Two-thirds of the deck is now in play, with only one-third of the deck unseen.


Now, the downside of reaching a goal like this one, which I have looked forward to, is that it can actually weaken your motivation a bit, as it can tempt you to rest on you laurels, to take a well-earned break…and that way lies disaster.

As Niko at Nihongoshark says:  “Keep swimming, you are crossing an ocean.”

So, after that pat on the back, it is time to look ahead.

Next goals:  get mature (781) above 800 and get unseen (733) below 700.

Now for the “and…” from the title…when I downloaded the Nihongoshark anki deck, I bumped the number of new cards allowed each day to 22, which is 1% of the cards every day, and I bumped the number of review cards up to 200, because I wanted to see every card that was due on any given day, and today I had 175 review cards.  Whew!  In general I seem to run 125-135 review cards, but today was a whopper.  I generally spend about an hour a day on kanji, but it stretched out a bit longer than usual this morning.  I am not changing my review card settings, though.  I still think that reviewing every card that’s due is the best call.



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