Human Japanese

Human Japanese is my favorite Japanese language book.

This is not just because

  • it’s a very convenient e-book
  • it comes at an incredibly low price for all that you get – a 40 chapter textbook for 15 bucks (that’s the ipad price)
  • for free you can download the first several chapters as a fully functional demo
  • all of the words and dialogues come with audio
  • it has all kinds of cool HD pics
  • it comes with interactive quizzes
  • it works well on a tablet or phone

All of those things are great, but the best thing is that it comes with the absolute best grammar explanations that I have ever seen.  If you speak English, even if you don’t know much English grammar, this book will explain Japanese grammar to you in a way that is entertaining and incredibly easy to understand.  It will unlock the mysteries of the language for you.  Don’t take my word for it, download the free demo and try it out.

Here’s their video preview:

I don’t earn anything from this review, and I don’t earn anything if you download the demo or purchase the product.  This review is just because the book works for me.  Right now, I am using Human Japanese to acquire some vocabulary but primarily as a tool for learning Japanese grammar, and, for that, it may be the best resource I have ever seen.  Give it a try and learn some Japanese.





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