Japanese Language Learning Tools

This is not day one of my Japanese Language Journey.  In fact, this is day 45.  Not long, eh?  To help anybody else get started, here are the tools that I am using.  (I don’t get paid by anybody to recommend anything.  I just want to share what’s working for me.)  All of these resources are targeted at people who already speak English.

1.  Human Japanese

This is an e-book.  It contains some lovely high resolution photos, audio for every dialog, interactive quizzes and, best of all, the best grammar explanations I have ever read – informative and entertaining.  It’s inexpensive and the best language learning money I have ever spent.  It will start you at zero and teach you grammar and vocabulary.

2.  Nihongo Shark

Niko’s website is free, and he is a friendly and knowledgeable guy.  There are some great free resources here for the Nihongo learner, but I would particularly recommend purchasing his Hacking Japanese Supercourse.  It does not teach you Japanese, but it does teach you a method for learning Japanese.  This is what I’m working through, so more on that, later.

3.  Japanesepod101

You want Japanese audio?  Here you go.  They have audio lessons for every level of learner.  There is quite a bit of content here, and you can purchase a membership and get even more.  (Now, if only they would let you pay month to month instead of all at one time…)

4.  Anki

Flashcards and space repetition.  I use it every single day, and the price is right…free.

5.  Sticky Study

More flash cards…you can download terms from quizlet and get right to work studying.  The interface is nicer than anki, but anki has that whole spaced repetition thing which is incredibly useful


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